Brian Cullinan

6934 East Sandra Terrace
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Voice: (480) 466-0856

Employers Experience
The Study Institute, Inc
Innovation Engineer

Built and designed software to train and improve study habits for students in higher education. Practicing the Lean Manufacturing method as it applies to internet-based start-ups.

Created an online store to sell various products for students as well as using A-B testing to determine our company's market fit.

Designed and implemented new interfaces to test user interaction with the site.

Interfaced with Facebook (OAuth), SendGrid (IMAP e-mail services), Google Analytics, HTML5 location APIs, Authorize.Net API (payment processing), and other services to minimize company overhead.

Promoted at EPIC Research & Diagnostics
Software Developer & Network Administrator

Implemented software to communicate with a micro-controller and camera in C#. Prototyping and batch processing software which reduces redundant manual intervention. Interfaces are written using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) which provides a fast and fluent user experience.

Implemented a development server complete with Hyper-V and a dedicated MS SQL database and IIS Web server. Secured the server in house to protect IP and reduce outages experienced with other hosting providers.

Implemented a new network policy using Active Directory and Group Policy.

Sitewatch, LLC
Web Developer

Developed a unique and vibrant user-interface for a robust web-application vulnerability scanner in PHP.

Conformed to a high standard of security and coding practices to protect the system as a whole.

Featured on Google Security Hall of Fame for April - June 2011 (

IT Help Desk

Managed a call center which maintained staff and faculty computers. Reduced overhead and staffing requirements to only a few employees making the department very efficient.

Provided phone support to students and employees for the Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Engineering schools on the Northern Arizona University campus.

Wrote web-forms to collect information and integrated with LDAP services provided by the University to auto-fill fields in PHP.

Co- Owner, Developer

Implemented visual styles and created a full back-end content management system for the start-up web development company.

Created libraries for authenticating credit card transactions through the PayPal API.

Configured and added functionality to the robust customer relation management system SugarCRM.

Education Advanced Courses
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ
BS. Computer Science
Fall 2010
Distributed Systems
Enterprise Web Computing
Advanced User Interface
Computer Security
Embedded Systems
Virtual Worlds
Data Mining
Computer Experience
Systems Windows, Windows Server, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X
Software Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Powershell, Apache2, Bind9, Postfix, Samba, Active Directory, Group Policy, IIS
Languages C#, VB, .Net, ASP.NET MVC, C++, PHP 4/5, Java 4/5/6, MySQL, SQL Server, Javascript, Regular Expression, Powershell, Bash
Technologies SQL/No-SQL databases, LDAP, HTML5/CSS3, AJAX, jQuery, CMS, CRM, OWASP, Wireshark, NMAP
References Available on request

Hosting my own website and web-applications

Working on start-ups / proof-of-concepts with friends

Vested interest and experience in web design, digital media, electrical engineering, and micro-controller programming

Network security and gardening